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I want to achieve financial freedom

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Why We're Here

Why Australia?

Whether it’s an extensive Education Sector or the potential for adventure, Australia has proven time, and time again, that this country will always be the secure, future-proof choice—whether you’re Aussie or otherwise.

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Who we are

About Us

We’re a Property Consultancy agency based in Essendon, Melbourne. We bring together earned-experience, and our dynamic "Floorplan" strategy to help you invest with confidence—from Perth to the Sunshine Coast.

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Our Approach

The Floorplan

Our end-to-end investment process, The Floorplan, uses realtime landscape analytics, in-depth market insights, and is dynamic based on where you are today, and where you see yourself down the line.

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What We Do


While laying the data-backed foundation for our strategies, we put your unique needs at the heart of our decision-making process. We don’t believe these needs end with a handshake, but lives on—in the long-term relationship we build together between us, you, and sunny Australia.

Our Bottom line

We launched the GRIT Foundation to reach, and give back to communities in need.

Head here to learn more about the GRIT Foundation, and how you can be a part of this incredible adventure.

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